The Sales Process
What happens, when and how?





Finding a home
Putting your home on the market

Determines new home needs and wants

Selects areas and sets a budget

Agent finds homes that fit the parameters

Views properties and finds the magic home

lawyer regal realtor other realtor

tax district appraiser tax service representative

Determines market price of house

Prepares house for showings, minimizes furniture and personal belongings, makes necessary improvements, cleans and adds to landscaping to improve the appeal

Arranges for sign/lockbox to enable showings

Making an offer
Accepting an offer

Analyses the price and amenities

Makes an offer to the seller

Negotiates terms and comes to an agreement

regal realtorother realtor

Discusses received offer with agent

Negotiates and signs earnest money contract which is delivered to the Title Company

Contract is delivered to the Title Company who will check the legal and financial status of the property
Title Officer
Provides Title Company with current mortgage information, survey and any other pertinent information relating to home ownership (will, divorce)
Inspections & Repairs

Arranges to have home inspected

Discusses issues raised in inspection report with agent and agrees to repairs. Normally completed within first ten days after offer is accepted

InspectorRegal RealtorContractor

Makes agreed repairs to home following inspections

Financing and insurance
Appraisal, survey, warrantees & keys

Applies for loan and gives Mortgage Company the necessary documentation for the purchase

loan officerloan processorloan underwriterappraisersurveyor

Arranges access for appraisal and survey if necessary

Once financing is obtained and the Title Company has completed its investigation and is willing to provide insurance to guarrantee good title a closing date is set

Title Officer

Prepares a file for documents and warrantees specific to the home

Collects keys and garage door openers to give to the Buyer at closing

Arranges for homeowners insurance
Insurance Agent
At closing, reviews the balance sheet of costs, signs all legal documentation and exchanges funds and home keys
Title Officerregal realtorother realtor
At closing, reviews the closing statement, signs deed to transfer property, gives Buyer the home paraphernalia and collects net proceeds